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Rotary Club of Inverloch
Rotary Club of Inverloch
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Welcome - The Rotary Club of Inverloch

The purpose of this site is:
  • To provide information about Rotary and the Inverloch Rotary Club to prospective members.
  • To provide Rotary information for existing club members.
  • To retain the history of our Rotary Club for the benefit of everyone.

What is Rotary?
Rotary is an organisation for business and professional men and women who are prepared to give of their time and expertise to help others. Its scope extends from the local community to some of the most  impoverished people on earth. At the same time we believe in having some  fun, so that service and fellowship are the two pillars upon which Rotary stands.
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Market Enquiries: Paul Everitt 0408 242 210
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Club Number 23672
Chartered 29th April 1986

Postal Address:
PO Box 49
Inverloch 3996

Until further notice the Rotary Club of Inverloch is not meeting in person however we are still keeping in touch online and welcome new potential members to contact us for further details

John Paterson
Ian Turnbull
Ron Paice
Markets: Paul Everitt

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